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Reconnect to your center

Not feeling like yourself lately?  Maybe you feel dull and disconnected.  Or maybe everything is chaotic and overwhelming.  Let a craniosacral session bring relaxation to your nervous system and alignment to your body.

Liberate yourself from old patterns

Are you feeling stuck in a rut?  Repeating the same patterns over and over to your own frustration? Don't struggle with this any longer - bring a painful pattern to our session and you will leave with a deep and compassionate understanding of your pattern, a new alignment in your body, and a deeply relaxed nervous system.

Receive healing for your heart

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed?  Are your thoughts spinning with stories that you can't seem to resolve?  Lighten your load!  Sacred stillness intuitive heart healings facilitate your deep release of that which isn't serving you while connecting you to the deep knowing of your heart.




“I have had the pleasure of going to Karena for craniosacral therapy for the last 5 years. It literally saved my life, health, and well being. A few years ago, I started getting a very weird dizzy condition. I went to countless doctors, physical therapists and no one knew why I was experiencing my symptoms. I started seeing Karena and saw results immediately. I love how safe I felt too. She is always neutral and compassionate to what someone might be going through. Her amazing care made me a craniosacral therapy evangelist. I tell everyone that I care about the treatment. I would feel energy moving in a very gentle way. I always felt grounded, in present time, and peaceful after a session. I owe Karena for helping me get my normal lifestyle back. There was a time where I couldn’t walk with my dizziness. I am so grateful for her and her practice!"  -V.S.


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